Online configuration & sales optimization for meetings, incentives, conventions and events.

Online configuration/booking of meetings, incentives and events (MICE) on your web site with customice – stand-alone or interfacing your property management system (PMS) seamlessly.


Online booking of individual rooms directly on a hotel’s website are common and indispensable for both, guests and hoteliers!  But why don’t we have online booking engines for meetings, incentives, conventions and events there?


customice is an out-of-the box, intelligent, visual online configurator and booking engine for events (MICE) – seamlessly integrated into your web appearance – state-of-the-art, intuitive, easy and user friendly!


Optimize your sales processes and the customer experience of your event services using a fully integrated event configurator! Start your MICE sales “powered by customice” within weeks.


With customice events can be easily configured online, graphically visualized and requested or booked. Your customers are able to plan and book their next event stand-alone.

  • Optimized sales process and customer experience
  • More attention on your event capabilities
  • 24/7 real time availability, pricing and offers
  • 24/7 real time booking, overview & check
  • Group booking (with your event) / Online pick-up for guests
  • Sales & catering functions (‘Function sheet’, weekly schedule)
  • Upsell opportunity – encourage webpage visitors to become potential event customers
  • Save time and resources while your customers configure their event online
  • Focus your ressources on qualified booking requests


  • Start configurator

    Start configurator

  • Choose meeting rooms

    Choose meeting rooms

  • Book catering services

    Book catering services

  • Booking / Request overview

    Booking / Request overview

With our customice-configurator application your customers are able to get a precise idea of your MICE locations, capabilities and services on your web site. Beyond that they can configure meetings and events individually and directly request, reserve or book them online.



  • Property configuration

    Property configuration

  • Configuration of meeting rooms

    Configuration of meeting rooms

  • Configuration of services

    Configuration of services

  • (Group) bookings

    (Group) bookings

  • Availability overview

    Availability overview

As a hotelier or host you can see all incoming requests from the configurator instantly within the customice-booking manager. Here you can workdirectly on all requests and bookings or before they will get synchronized with your property management system (PMS).


Today online configurators are a common solution to optimize sales processes in various industries. A good example is the automotive industry – within a few clicks and a new car is set up and customers get an instant idea of the final price.


customice is live-visualization of configurations! Our goal is to give event customers a precise idea what every single meeting room or inventory has to offer.


Our configuration engine delivers visualizations of the actual configuration on the fly. Pictures can be fade in and out dynamically or 3D renderings can be generated based on room models which were provided in the system.


Every configuration will be live-visualized by customice. As an option customer can experience your premises via WebGL or 3D glasses.


customice can be implemented with or without PMS integration. Based on our generic design we are able to create configuration solutions of all kind without much effort.


These are our business and implementation partners in the area of hospitality solutions.

Within  our “ventures” division we leverage our know-how and experience to support our partners and to realize trendsetting business ideas.

Open Hospitality Cloud

apaleo’s open PMS platform gives forward-thinking hotels the freedom to connect the technology they need to run their business without integrations pains or extra fees. Aas a partner application customice is availiable in the apaleo app store.

In close collaboration with apaleo we are currently developing a group booking application for apaleo.

Hotellistat offers an all-in-one market and big data analytics systemfor hotels and their markets, starting from simple price charts up to complex positioning analytics in the fields: pricing, business intelligence, reputation, social media and web&e-commerce.
Modern big data analytics of your hotel market allow you to find the ideal pricing and market positioning of your hotel!


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